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Harold's Restaurant

For over 50 years, Harold’s family restaurant has been serving the Kamloops community with great dining and family friendly fare. Our doors were first opened in 1959 by Harold Knull and his wife Florence, and they remain open today. The restaurant was later sold to Manny and Marion Mattis, who later passed it down to their children. Today, Harold’s is run by Peter Mattis, his sister Lisa Turpin, Peter’s wife Shelly, and Lisa’s husband Sylvain. Harold’s main focus is family dining, serving generous portions of homemade meals from old family recipes. We also have great variety on our menu to satisfy any hungry patron. We are open all day and all night, whether you want to stop in for an early lunch, take a break in your day with a delicious supper, or have an evening dinner out with the family. Located off the Trans Canada Highway, Harold’s also welcomes travellers from all over. The entire menu is also takeout available for the traveller on the go – a homemade alternative to today’s drive through food. Our menu is described as Western Canadian with a Greek Flare. We serve everything from hand pounded pork tenderloin cutlets to our famous homemade ground beef burgers to our house specialty: the chicken souvlaki and calamari combo. Don’t forget the Mountain Man breakfasts and Eggs “Benny”: our breakfast menu favourites. Thanks to its long history, great food, and friendly service, Harold’s has been a mainstay for Kamloops over the years. It has been named Kamloop’s Best Family Restaurant for several years and has won the Best All Round Restaurant award for the last two years. Harold’s family restaurant will eventually be passed down to the next generation of the family,but the passion for the business remains strong today. Great food! Great service! Great times!

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Crazy Eights -
Two eggs, two hot cakes, two sausages and two strips of bacon
No Eggs Breakfast -
Hash browns heaped high and served with 4 strips of bacon or 4 sausages and toast
Steak and Eggs -
A tender 7 oz AAA Canadian New York steak complete with two farm fresh eggs, hash browns and toast
Hamburger Steak and Eggs -
A 5 oz hamburger steak with two farm fresh eggs. Served with hash browns and toast
Mountain Man Breakfast -
Bacon, ham and sausage with three farm fresh eggs. Served with hash browns and toast
Breakfast Sandwich -
Ham or bacon and two eggs made into the sandwich. Served with hash browns
Bacon or Sausage Skillet -
Two scrambled eggs with chopped bacon or chopped sausages on top of hash browns sautéed with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes. Topped with Hollandaise sauce and served with toast
Ham and Egg Skillet -
Two scrambled eggs with ham on top of hash browns sautéed with onions, bellpeppers and tomatoes. Topped with Hollandaise sauce and served with toast
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Reuben on Rye -
Smoked beef brisket, sliced thin, sauerkraut, bell peppers, Swiss cheese and mustard. Garnished with coleslaw and pickles
Shrimp Clubhouse -
Baby shrimp and lettuce, bacon and tomatoes and mayonnaise
Harold’s Clubhouse -
Bacon, turkey, lettuce and tomatoes and mayonnaise on your choice of bread
Closed Denver Sandwich -
Diced ham, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers in a two egg omelette. Served on your choice of bread
Santa Fe Chicken Burger -
Salsa, cheddar, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions
Beef Dip -
Slow cooked AA Canadian roast beef, piled high in a hoagie bun and served au jus
Corned Beef on Rye -
Corned beef, sliced thinly, mustard, with coleslaw and dill pickle
Harold’s Chicken Clubhouse -
A grilled chicken breast and lettuce, bacon and tomato, mayonnaise on your choice of bread.
back to top Dinner
Breaded Pork Cutlet -
Pork tenderloin breaded and grilled
Baby Beef Liver -
Lightly breaded and grilled with onions and bacon
Chicken Souvlaki -
Rice, Tzatziki dip, Greek salad and Pita bread
Meat Loaf -
Fresh ground chuck, sautéed onions and gravy
Calamari Dinner -
Served with rice, Tzatziki dip, Greek salad and Pita bread. Garnished with lemon and red onions
Chicken Cordon Blue -
Chicken breast filled with ham and Swiss cheese. Served with creamy mushroom sauce
10 oz Salisbury Steak -
Grilled and topped with mushrooms, onions and gravy
Grilled Salmon Filet -
Wild Coho salmon – grilled
Halibut Fish and Chips -
Two pieces of halibut, battered and fried. Served with coleslaw, fries, Tartar sauce and lemon. Extra halibut per piece 5.99
8 oz New York Steak -
Double A New York steak, add sautéed mushrooms 2.99
Pork Cutlets and Spaghetti -
Breaded pork tenderloin baked and topped with marinara sauce and cheese, spaghetti, meat sauce and garlic toast 2.99
Chicken Parmesan and Spaghetti -
Breaded chicken Schnitzel beaked and topped with marinara sauce and cheese, spaghetti, meat sauce and garlic toast
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